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Complete Edit, Legislative History

Transparency is your primary objective and it is ours as well. All changes made to your code within the system are fully and automatically documented and recoverable. MCO automatically records your legislative history for your citizens to see the evolution of your code supported by the actual ordinances which adopted, amended, or repealed your section of the code.

Desktop, Mobile Friendly

All of our tools use widely accepted web standards and are cross-browser compliant. Your codes are instantly available online as well as on any mobile device the second you choose to make them available. We support all mobile devices through the browser, as well as have native iOS and Android apps to download which include the ability to add Favorites & Bookmarks.

Branding, Theming

Each municipality can choose and the colors, logos, and fonts that represent their city identity. No more one-size-fits-all that other codifiers force you into. We will also support your custom domain for the location of your code. We also include an array of analytics that will show you how your citizens use your books including commonly accessed resources.

Multifunction Capabilities

Some cities and towns use our Municipal Code Online to provide additional resources to the public. The Municipal Code Online is designed to publish online any regulation or policy that your community implements. Whether it’s your municipal code, personnel policies and procedures, public work standards and technical specification, compilation of resolutions or executive orders, minutes, or other regulations; each of these book can be published though our Municipal Code online framework. This multifunction capability creates the access and transparency that the public will appreciate from your city or town.

Support, Ordinance Design & Review

While some cities and towns may prefer the complete independence our online framework offers, other communities may request assistance from our codification staff. Our experienced staff is available to provide your community with codification services which include: ordinance review, design, and support. With Municipal Code Online, you're not alone! Whether you need assistance using the MCO tools, or you seek assistance reviewing or designing ordinances, we have a dedicated staff available to help with your codification needs.

Prudent, Cost Effective

Codify as little as or much as you need. With MCO, there are no limitations or additional expenses. Codification companies insist on remaining between you and your published codes. Publishing accounts for a very small part of the overall process, yet this what you are paying them (a lot) to do. Most municipalities can save up to 70%!

Reliable, Cloud Based

Using one of the biggest cloud based infrastructures in the world, we can pass on our uptime guarantee of 99.9%! All customers have unlimited file storage to easily upload all supporting documentation and images such the original legislation, ordinance, zoning maps, documents, etc.

Much More!

There are many other features we could go on about, but a demonstration is far more exciting. Contact us today to learn more of how we're easing the process of codification and take a one on one tour of the many other benefits that MCO offers!